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06 October 2012

Focus On Frame Styles

Greetings comrades, and welcome to to the first of Iwears on line information bulletins. We aim to provide some useful facts to help make the whole spectacle buying experience more comfortable. Lets start at the beginning and discuss what styles of frames are available.

Full rim frames 

The two main types are plastic full rimmed frames and metal full rimmed frames. . Aesthetically, full rimmed frames are a wise choice  for high power preions , as they conceal a greater amount of lens thickness. If you are looking to make a statement these are also a good choice.

Supra frames, or 1/2 rim frames . 

1/2 rim frames can be made from either plastics or metal, in either case the bare edge of the lens is held in with a strong nylon cord which sits in a groove cut into the lens. This is a more subtle look and these frames are better suited for low to medium power prescriptions. 

Rimless frames

For those looking for simplicity, elegance and lightness rimless are hard to beat. People have the perception that rimless are weak , however modern tough and light spectacle lenses are ideally suited for these frames.


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