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30 September 2017

Dry Eyes?

Sore, gritty or tired eyes? If your eyes often feel dry or irritated, or tasks like reading and working on the computer make them feel gritty and scratchy, you may have a common condition called #DryEyeSyndrome.

Symptoms can include:

* Dryness
* Tired eyes
* Excessive watering
* Stinging
* Burning
* Gritty feeling
* Pain
* Blurring of vision
* Redness
* Irritation from wind/smoke

Dry eyes can lead to reduced performance in reading, driving especially at night, working with a computer and watching TV. The good news is that it can be treated and you don’t have to live with it. Ask us about treatments for dry eyes at your next appointment, or for more information visit our partner, Rainbow Eyecare #iwearnantwich #dryeye #dryeyes #rainboweyecare #eyehealth#eyecare #dryeyesolutions


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